Thursday, April 5, 2018

DIY Animal Sensory Board

Give your little one a hands on experience with this simple DIY animal sensory board.

DIY Animal Sensory Board

What you need:
- large piece of white card
- strong adhesive (I used Modge Podge)
- selection of animal fabrics (we found ours at Michael's, USA)

How it works:
When I saw these cute animal fabrics on sale I knew straight away that baby sis would love exploring them. I wasn't sure how to best use them but soon came up with the idea to make a sensory board for her.

Animal fabrics.
I cut rectangles out of each fabric and stuck them around the outer edge of the board, leaving a large space in the middle. The reason I opted for this layout is simply because I wanted baby sis to be able to sit in the middle and be surrounded by the animal prints. 

Surrounded by animal textures to explore.

Very happy exploring her new board.
I wanted each print to be easily accessible to her and guessed that she might like feeling the different textures with her feet as well as her hands.

It was lovely seeing her so engrossed in her new surroundings. It was a great opportunity to introduce her to simple colour and texture words, even though she is only one.

I've got a few fun activity ideas to do which will involve some play animals and the fabric off-cuts. I'm also looking forward to including big brother with some animal print art and letter work based on the fabrics.

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  1. Great. From this, I will be able to make a sensory board for my kids. Thanks