Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dollar Store Busy Binder for $15!

Keeping kids entertained on-the-go is never easy! This awesome Dollar Tree hack means I had 4 busy bag activities easily stored for both kids to enjoy during our vacation.

My kids are 18 months and 5 years old. They are used to being out and about- restaurants, car rides, appointments etc. But I do like to be prepared with some form of entertainment. Yes of course sometimes this is screen based, and yes of course sometimes it is snack based! But my kids also respond really well to busy bags and activity packs. 

Here's all the details about a simple busy binder I put together after a trip to our local dollar store, the Dollar Tree. The whole project cost less than $15!

What you need:
- A4 ringbinder
- ring binder pencil pouches x 4
- white card
- crayons
- pencils
- line markers (normal markers are fine too)
- rainbow sticker note flags
- dot stickers
- character stickers (anything will do, we used superheroes)
- mini deco tape (washi tape)
- fastener dots
- colored craft sticks (same width as fastener dots)

As I picked out the materials I had a rough idea of how I would use them in each pouch, but I also knew that the kids would be happy just exploring the new items. Here's how I split the materials, and the activities that I set up in each pouch.

Pouch 1: Colored Lines Match

Materials: A4 card cut in half, line markers, rainbow sticker note flags.
Activity: use the line markers to match the colored note flag stickers.

I made a few pre-set cards ready for the kids to match up using the line markers. I also threw in plenty of blank card as I know they'll enjoy exploring the different line patterns on the markers. I'm sure big bro will enjoy making simplified color match activities for baby sis.

Pouch 2: Dot Sticker Colors & Numbers

Materials: white card cut into quarters & small strips, dot stickers, matching color crayons.
Activities: match the dot sticker to the colored cross on the small strips, and complete the dot sticker sum cards.

For baby sis I made simple small strips of card with four colored crosses on ready for her to stick the correct color dot sticker onto. Big bro had some numeracy work, with cards showing colored numbers ready for him to add stickers and solve the sum.

Pouch 3: Tape & Sticker Cards

Materials: A4 white card cut in half and then folded in half to make mini cards, pencils, mini deco tapes, stickers.
Activity: decorate cards to give to someone special.

This is simply an activity where my kids can get artsy and creative. The activity involves making a card using the tape and stickers. They can choose who it is for and what it looks like. A great opportunity to sneak in some literacy for big bro too!

Pouch 4: Craft Stick Sculptures

Materials: colored craft sticks & fastener dots.
Activity: create shapes & sculptures using the craft sticks.

My kids love building and engineering but I didn't want to contend with LEGOs being dropped all over the floor. The velcro fasteners will make this activity new and exciting for my kids and should get their creative juices flowing, and fine motor skills working.

Four fun pouches full of hands on learning and play, all for under $15. And best of all, the materials are easily contained in a binder! Perfect for on-the-go play!

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