Sunday, September 22, 2019

Magnetic Tiles Railing

This has to be the most unique place we've used our magnetic tiles! Decorating our outside railing with colorful magnetic shapes was a blast.

We were kindly gifted the Connetix Tiles used in this blog. All images and opinions used in this post are our own. This post contains affiliate links.

We love open-ended play with our magnetic tiles. From time to time we like to play with them in a completely new place to help keep the creative juices flowing. We recently took our Connetix Tiles outside to use on our railing and it was so much fun!

2.5 year old baby sis was super excited as she stuck the first few shapes onto the bottom of the railings. She was so intrigued as to how the tiles were sticking. She soon started sliding them up and down the railings, studying them carefully.

A set up like this has so many play benefits. First of all there is the novelty factor, and this is huge! When kids get to use a familiar material in a new setting their imaginations go wild! I loved watching as she made spikes on the railing, and windows for her to look out of.

The magnets in the Connetix Tiles are super strong which meant baby sis could build the full height of the railing. This was awesome for developing her fine motor skills, gross motor skills and also crossing the mid-line.

We shouldn't forget the obvious skills too, like the fact that she was constantly talking through the shapes and colors of the tiles. The set up prompted so much play conversation. We also spoke about concepts like high and low, left and right, above and below... the list goes on.

So next time you see someone with a railing in their yard, go be their friend! Then subtly start building with magnetic tiles!! It is so much fun and great for developing a whole range of skills, but most importantly it will ignite little imaginations!

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