Saturday, November 9, 2019

Big Building Block Graph

Everything is more fun when you go big right?! We used our building blocks to make a huge graph.

The blocks used in this post are actually from our Blocks Rock! game which we were gifted for purpose of review. You can use code FINDMORE for 15% off on Amazon (cannot be combined with other Amazon offers). All opinions and images are our own and completely genuine.

Do your kids love activities which involve working on a big scale? Mine do and that's why when I saw this awesome idea from Hands On As We Grow, I knew it would be a big hit. I was also excited that it was an activity that my 2.5 year old and 6 year old could collaborate on.

What you need:
- building blocks (we used ones from our Blocks Rock! game)
- large roll of paper (ours is from IKEA)
- ruler
- markers (black and then the colors to match your blocks, we used our Magic Stix)

How it works:
Set up the materials as shown in the picture above, with axes and a section for each type of block. Make sure you provide enough space to work on so that all the blocks will fit. I started off by asking my 6 year old if he knew what he had to do. Straight away he said "make a graph"! The kids got to work sorting the blocks into their correct graph section.

It was awesome to see 2.5 year old baby sis joining in with the color and shape sorting. There was so much fun vocabulary coming from her, as well as team work and problem solving developing between the two of them.

Once they had successfully sorted all of the blocks, I asked if they could count each type and write it on the graph. Big bro took the lead, but baby sis was sure to copy his counting and shout out the final number with delight as he wrote it down.

Getting big bro to write out the numbers was great practice for his number formation.

The final challenge was to add up all of the blocks in their graph. To my surprise big bro didn't just count up all the blocks, he actually sat and added the series of numbers he had written! Then he insisted on writing the final amount at the top of the graph.

This was great on so many levels. They developed their numeracy skills, mathematical awareness, shape and color recognition and vocabulary, fine motor skills and best of all they communicated and worked as a team!


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