Thursday, June 13, 2019

Follow the Leader with Blocks Rock!

Looking for a way to get younger and older kids working together using building blocks? Why not try a game of building blocks follow the leader?!

We were kindly gifted this Blocks Rock! game for purpose of review. You can use code FINDMORE for 15% off on Amazon (cannot be combined with other Amazon offers). All opinions and images are our own and completely genuine.

You may have remembered our review blog of a really fun building blocks game called Blocks Rock! It's a firm favorite in our house, with each player trying to build the same structure shown on a challenge card. The fastest builder rings the bell to win. 5 year old big bro loves to play the regular version of the game, but 2 year old baby sis isn't quite ready for the pressure of a timed challenge. That's why I came up with the idea to make up our own 'Follow the Leader' version of Blocks Rock!

The concept is simple, baby sis flips over a challenge card and big bro shows her one block at a time how to build the structure. Both kids have their own set of blocks and build their own structure, and most importantly this is done at their own pace.

When we play this, I see so many amazing skills and qualities being developed by both kids... it's pure magic! For big bro it is challenging his ability to communicate clearly, as well as really testing his patience! It took a while for him to understand that even a simple structure would take baby sis a while to build. At first he got frustrated, but he soon realized he just needed to slow down and use clearer instructions as well as demonstrations.

For baby sis, not only was she working hard on her color and shape recognition, she was having to use those all important listening skills (which isn't easy for a toddler!!). But wow, look at how intently she is focusing on big brother's instructions and demonstration!

Within a matter of minutes both kids were completely engaged and demonstrating amazing team work to complete the structures on the cards. Big bro would cheer on baby sis, learning as he went how to give positive feedback and help her to solve problems. As soon as they had done their structures, they would take so much pride in ringing the bell!

It can be easy with a game to feel that you can't involve siblings of different ages. Sure toddlers can be destructive and hard work with games, but using a strategy like this can make so much difference. Big bro shone as a leader and baby sis was able to accomplish builds and grow in confidence as a result. So much hands-on learning and so much fun!

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